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Ukraine Tank Dispute: Germany Vs USA

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was in the Chancellery on Thursday to consult with the federal government on Leopard 2 deliveries to Ukraine. Apparently there was a bang.

Apparently the US is angry with the German government: According to media reports, the postponed decision on the delivery of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine has led to angry reactions from the US government.

As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin apparently described his talks in Berlin within American government circles. Accordingly, Austin stayed longer than planned in the Chancellery last Thursday and got into “a heated argument” with Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt.

Scholz makes the delivery of the Leopard main battle tanks and their release from stocks in other countries dependent on the USA also supplying main battle tanks to Ukraine. Specifically, Germany only wants to deliver when the United States sends Abrams M1 battle tanks. The US Secretary of Defense pointed out that the laying and operation of these tanks would be too complex and time-consuming. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius was not privy to this condition, it is said.

Austin was particularly upset that the federal government had gone public with its demands on the United States before the Ramstein meeting. The US security adviser also protested violently and harshly to Scholz’s foreign policy adviser on the phone, the newspaper writes.

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