Tokushima releases promotional video

With the objective of increasing awareness and attracting more tourists, Tokushima City in Tokushima Prefecture has released a promotional video "Undiscovered Tokushima, the Real Tokushima," on YouTube (Tokushima City Tourism Official Channel).

The video starts with the scene of a woman traveling alone, getting off a train at Tokushima Station.

Through the lens of her camera, we experience wonderful views and the unique sounds of Tokushima, blended together exquisitely in an original soundtrack. Scenes change quickly to showcase Tokushima's culture, food, nature, and cityscape.

The realistic perspective seen through the woman's camera lens is interwoven with a point of view that makes the viewers of the video feel as though they themselves are wandering through the very heart of Tokushima, allowing viewers to experience the allure of the whole city.

Also, as the video features people local to the city, it conveys the spirit of hospitality that is unique to the people of Tokushima.

The video makers collected a diverse range of sounds from across Tokushima City and created an original Tokushima sound arrangement.

Tokushima City is located in the eastern part of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island, and with no less than 138 waterways flowing through its boundaries, it is a "Water City." Thanks to its unique natural features and history, Tokushima City is packed with highly appealing tourist attractions, including one of the most famous summer festivals in Japan, the "Awa Dance Festival," which has a history of over 400 years.

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