The worlds first fully vegetarian city can be found in India

Palitana in India, the world's first fully vegetarian city

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Looking for somewhere to go during Easter? If youre vegan or vegetarian, this could be the perfect spot.

In Palitana, a small city in the Bhavnagar district in Gujarat, India, its illegal to sell eggs or meat, and slaughtering animals is a no-no.

Its the worlds first fully vegetarian city – one of two – and is considered the holiest location for people who follow the Jainism religion.

The city has 863 temples and pilgrims converge here every year, as its believed that their saviour, Adinatha, walked its hills.

But why is it illegal to have a BBQ or purchase eggs to poach for your avocado toast?

As its such a religious spot, in 2014 around 200 monks went on a hunger strike and said they would prefer death over allowing the continued slaughter or consumptions of animals in the town. The monks also demanded that 250 butcher shops be closed and that ritual animal slaughter be banned.



The government was forced to declare the town a completely meat-free zone, and the holy site has been a vegetarian spot ever since.

Animal roams free in Palitana, India

Animals roam free (Picture: Leroy Francis/Getty)

Figures vary on how many people practice Jainism, but hover around four to five million.

Its an old Indian religion that focuses on the welfare of all beings and Jains – as they are known – believe that all humans, animals and plants have living souls, all of which are equal in importance.

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Dairy is still allowed to be consumed in the city, but we reckon you can get some amazing plant-based dishes regardless.

Meat lovers, youre better off heading, well, anywhere else.

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