Swedish council to spend 800,000 kronor relocating a sand dune

Two people walk along a sand dune. File photo: Dennis Kummer/Unsplash

A municipality in southwestern Sweden is paying hundreds of thousands of kronor to relocate its sand dunes, because each year windy weather blows the sand away, obstructing pathways.

Halmstad municipality is investing 800,000 kronor to move large amounts of sand which each year move further away from the sea and closer to a hotel and lifeguard offices in Tylösand, one of Sweden's most popular seaside resorts.

Currently, the council spends between 300,000 and 400,000 kronor each year on shovelling the sand that gets blown inland. Several poles and fences have been set up in an attempt to push the sand back towards the sea, but this effort has been in vain.

Now, it plans to move thousands of cubic metres of sand closer to the shore.

"We pick up the sand and it's driven directly to the beach and left in front of the sand dunes, so that we build them up again," explained Henrik Larsson, who is a project manager at Halmstad's technology and leisure department.

"The footpath and the rescue route will become accessible again. The boardwalk will be uncovered and we will take down the old fence."


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