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Spider-Man 3 first images revealed by Tom Holland, Zendaya

fr24news– Okay, I’ll just be blunt with you: the following are do not the real titles for the next one Spider-Man 3, the next chapter of Tom HollandThe MCU takes on the webslinging superhero. I’m telling you because when I recently watched Holland and his castmate Jacob Batalon and Zendayaand saw their “headline announcements” and took them literally, almost passed out how stupid they were. Lucky for us, that’s the point; they make fun of us! And to cut the jokes with real information, they also provided our real first footage of the film’s production.

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Let’s start with the pictures. We see Holland, Batalon and Zendaya together in a pair of dark and sepia images. Holland is fully Peter Parker here, no spider costume at all. And the three seem to have stumbled into a haunted-looking house or basement, looking into that kind of terrifying / awe-inspiring wonder you get in a classic Spielberg a little pulled. What are they looking for? What did they find? Is Spider-Man 3 will feel like me The Goonies? Did they run into the creator of the multiverse? Why Zendaya’s outfit very cool?

And now… the fake titles. We have had Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, which leads many to believe that the third will also have a “welcome theme”. And when Holland seriously posted it would be called “Spider-Man: Phone Home,” my brain exploded in “this can not be correct ‘incomprehensible energy. Batalon’s fake title, “Spider-Man: Homewrecker”, is at least one little more real, though that does imply the film will be a ’90s domestic thriller about Peter Parker breaking up a happy marriage (which, like, let’s see this movie!). And in Zendaya’s version we have the hip ‘Spider-Man: Homeslice’, which obviously talks about Peter Parker’s old-school hip-hop / breakdance team making enough money to keep their community center open. . Overall it is a very a sturdy gaff, designed to annoy fans and stultify disbelief and possibly laughter like me.

Discover the first official images of Spider-Man 3 – and absolutely bogus headlines – below, thanks to the cast. As to what Spider-Man 3 will actually be called… I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough.

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