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South China Sea: British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth ignores Chinese threats | World

fr24news– One of the UK’s flagship aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has sailed the disputed maritime region without worrying about voice threats from China. Referring to the passage of British ships, Chinese defense spokesman Tan Kefei addressed the South China Morning Post and said, “The Chinese side believes that the South China Sea should not become a sea. of great power rivalry dominated by arms and warships. The real source of militarization in the South China Sea comes from countries outside this region which send their warships thousands of miles from home to flex the muscles.

“The Chinese military will take the necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests.
“He will also take steps to promote peace and stability in the South China Sea. “The ship is leading an aircraft carrier strike group and has entered the South China Sea region that has been widely claimed by China, as part of its “nine-dash line.”

The British carrier recently left Singapore with escort ships.

Frequently, the United States will conduct freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea to challenge what Washington calls “attempts by coastal states to illegally restrict access to the seas.”
In 1935, the Chinese government produced a map of this disputed maritime region called; “Map of the Chinese Islands in the South China Sea”.The card had eleven dashes marking Beijing’s claim.

However, in 1949, the Chinese government abandoned its claim to the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam, reducing the number of dashes to nine.

China is building fortified artificial islands in the territory of the South China Sea.

The state that these constructions are in conformity with article 56 of the Conventions of the United Nations and of the law of the sea.

Beijing says they alone have the exclusive right to exploit the resources and build man-made islands in the South China Sea.

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