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Renowned conductor caught filming French nudists using spy glasses

A top Belgian conductor based in the US has been convicted of secretly filming naked women at a French nudist resort in a rather disturbing way…using a discreet camera hidden in the frame of his sunglasses.

It sounds like a story straight out of a sci-fi movie.

But he wasn't able to fool the resort's lifeguards who noticed his strange behaviour as well as his many round trips between the beach and pool during his stay there in the summer of 2017.

Eventually, they collared him and discovered the secret device hidden in his sunglasses.

On Tuesday February 20th Van Grysperre was prosecuted for "undermining the privacy of others by recording without consent images of a person in a private place" at a court in Bordeaux, according to French press reports.

In the film recovered by the investigators, a naked woman was perfectly identifiable, it was reported.

The conductor who has conducted at both the New York City Opera and the Chicago Opera Theater was fined €5,000 fine, €3,000 of which was suspended.

The police have also confiscated the equipment and videos stored by Van Grysperre in order to destroy them.

It's not the first time a man has been caught using a hidden device to film people at a naturists resort in France.

He was seen wandering through the sun bathers and regularly stopping for periods of time next to young girls.

Naturists became concerned and alerted the police, who reportedly discovered a miniature video camera, hidden among a bunch of keys.

Cap d'Agde has a large family-style naturist resort and welcomes around 40,000 visitors on a daily basis during the summer season.

Filming naturists on the beach at Cap d’Agde is strictly forbidden and there is a dedicated team make sure no one breaks the rules.

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