PS5 update: Download a surprise PlayStation 4 game bonus today

express– Even with more games coming out every month, PS5 console owners still have a minimal pool of exclusives to enjoy, with PS4 titles filling the gap.

Some PS4 games include impressive next-gen upgrades which offer improved performance and graphics.

And this week has seen a surprise new offer released so that gamers can enjoy the full experience on several platforms, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X version offering enhanced features.

Marvel’s Avengers has been available for some time and had a bumpy start to life, with many gamers failing to understand whether it was a single-player experience or something to enjoy with friends.

Since then, there have been plenty of free expansions to enjoy, with more being planned in the future.

Marvel’s Avengers is available to download and play right now, with these dates available across all platforms:

  • PlayStation: 9 AM PT 7/29 through 9 AM PT 8/2
  • Steam: 9 AM PT 7/29 through 9 AM PT 8/2
  • Stadia: 8 AM PT 7/29 through 8 AM PT 8/2

“If you’re interested in trying out Marvel’s Avengers at no cost for a limited time, all you need to do is visit your platform’s digital store and download it. All content is available!

“We’re working closely with the team at Xbox to give Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players their own All-Access opportunity in the coming months.”

There are also bonuses available for those who already own the game, with Square Enix telling fans this week:

4x XP – Yes, you read that correctly. This weekend, players can earn 4x the amount of earned XP, which does stack with Hero’s Catalysts!

RESOURCE GRANT – Any player (new or existing, so everyone wins) who logs in during the All-Access Weekend will instantly receive loads of resources through a community grant!

Here are the contents: 5,000 Fragments, 1,000 Plasma, 1,000 Nanites, 1,000 Nanotubes, 1,000 Catalyst, 1,000 Units, 600 Upgrade Modules, 500 Uru, and 250 Polychoron.

50% MARKETPLACE SALE – The Marketplace will have its biggest sale ever during this event with 50% off the majority of the wares.

And for those who decide to pick up the full game for keeps, the Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda will launch on August 17th as a free update to all owners of the core game.

In addition to adding Black Panther, the War for Wakanda Expansion also brings with it new Villains, a brand-new environment to explore, new enemies, the Royal Palace Outpost, new solo or multiplayer Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions.

The Marvel’s Avengers War Table for Wakanda will go live on August 16th, one day before the Expansion launches.

More trials will be made available on PS4 and PS5 consoles over the coming months, with Little Nightmares 2 and Black Ops Cold War already featured.


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