Plane passenger films couples bizarre activity at back of cabin during flight

PASSENGERS were thoroughly weirded out by one couples mid-flight antics on the back of a plane.

Staying fit is a struggle for most of us, but one couple took their fitness goals to the next level by taking part in some yoga during their flight.

Poised at the back of the plane, the video begins with the man holding the woman up in the air with his hands and feet.

She stands upright on her partners feet, hitting her head against the roof of the plane on her way up.

They then switch positions as she flips into a standing position.

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Surprisingly, most other passengers seem pretty un-phased by the mid-flight antics – but one person decided to record the strange moment.

The video was originally posted on Instagram by Nicholas Coolidge to his yoga-dedicated profile Modern Tarzan.

But it has since been viewed nearly 350,000 times since being shared by Passenger Shaming – a profile dedicated to ousting the worst and weirdest high-altitude behaviour.

Many viewers have found the video to be a bit too over-the-top for their taste.

LIFT OFF: Couple perform a yoga pose on mid-flight (Pic: INSTAGRAM/MODERNTARZAN)

One person commented: “What a bunch of circus clowns. Those people are ridiculous.”

Another wrote: “What in the actual flaming f*** is this?”

But others have praised the couples devotion to their health, in spite of their unconventional surroundings.

One impressed viewer commented: “Wow, a nice escape to relieve the stress. Recommend trying it out.”

And it looks like mid-flight exercises are the latest trend as one woman was recently criticised for doing squats in the galley of a plane.

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