Pilot reveals what happens if plane engines FAIL mid-flight

If you have a fear of flying, youve probably worried about different aspects of air travel.

Whether its fretting about the doors swinging open, or the windows breaking, it can be a frightening process.

Thankfully, accidents are extremely rare and you only have a one in 11 million chance of crashing.

But in the unlikely event your plane does fly into trouble, is there any chance that youll survive it?

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In a recent interview with Wales Online, a pilot revealed what happens if the engine fails.

Patrick Smith, who works for a US airline, explained that this situation wouldnt necessarily be as bad as it seems.

Surprisingly, aircrafts are able to continue functioning if the motor breaks down.

Planes are designed to glide in this situation, which allows time for the crew to steer you to safety.

In the unlikely even that both engines fail, the craft can continue travelling forward for around 60 miles.


PLANE SAILING: Here's why engine failures don't always spell disaster (Pic: GETTY)

Patrick added: “All commercial jets are certified to fly with an engine failed.

“More than that, every airliner must be capable of accelerating and climbing away, even with total failure of an engine on takeoff.

“This guarantee extends beyond the airport perimeter to account for buildings, mountains, TV antennae and whatever else.

“Data are computed prior to every departure to assure the ability to safely climb and avoid any nearby obstructions.

“Airport elevation, runway length, and the weather all are factors.

“With shorter runways, high temperatures, or in mountainous terrain, this will sometimes entail a weight penalty.”

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If you are still concerned about flying, these facts may reassure you.

Last year was declared one of the safest ever for commercial flights.

You are statically more likely to die from food poisoning (one in three million), falling from a ladder (one in two million) or falling out of bed (one in two million).

If you still suffer from aviophobia, there are many steps you can take to help relieve your worries.

Some swear-by hypnotherapy or flight courses for helping reduce fears.

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