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Parisians warned as level of River Seine continues to rise

Parisians have been warned to take care this weekend due to the rising levels of the River Seine, which have been shooting up in the wake of Storm Eleanor.

The River Seine is flooded and its levels just keep on rising.

The river's water levels have already doubled from 1.6 metres to 3.2 metres in a week and it is expected they will continue to go up for the next 72 hours after Storm Eleanor hit much of France on Wednesday.

Water levels at the Austerlitz Bridge in central Paris on Friday afternoon stood at 3.26 metres compared to 2.31 on Monday and they are expected to reach a peak of four metres over the weekend.

As a result Parisians were warned on Friday against going down to their cellars, with City Hall calling for "vigilance regarding cellars and basements".

Residents have also been warned against storing valuable goods in these rooms.

Further measures could be taken in the coming days, the police headquarters said on Friday, including the closure of pedestrian areas along the river as well as traffic restrictions in affected areas.

In general, people in Paris have been advised to take caution when travelling along the waterways of the Seine and asked to stay up to date with the latest information.


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Paris has been on "yellow warning" for flooding since Wednesday when the first flood prevention methods were introduced along the River Seine.

This included the dismantling of sports facilities and other structures.

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