Pancreatic cancer: The warning sign in your legs of ‘common’ disease

express– Pancreatic cancer is the eighth most common cancer in women and the 10th most common cancer among men, according to Though many of its symptoms are often associated with the digestive symptom, there are some ways that the disease can cause changes to the legs.

What symptoms can pancreatic cancer cause in the legs?

Pancreatic cancer, as the name suggests, affects the pancreas; an organ located behind the stomach.

However, the way in which the cancer develops means that it can spark some signs impacting the legs of patients.

This is because pancreatic cancer can lead to blood clots in the deep vein of the leg, as well as in other parts of the body.

The cancer itself can lead to blood clots, something researchers revealed was caused by the blood’s abnormal tendency to “coagulate”.

Blood clots of this type in the deep vein of the leg are known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and also occur in people who do not have cancer.

For some people, however, a clot is sometimes the first sign of pancreatic cancer.

What are the symptoms of a blood clot in the leg?

In some cases, patients may have no symptoms of a blood clot having formed in the deep vein.

However, there are some common signs to look out for.

These include:

  • Leg or calf pain – particularly a cramping sensation in just one leg
  • Swelling of the leg
  • Redness of the skin on the leg
  • A feeling of warmth in one leg
  • Pain when extending your toes – most often this happens when you point your toes upwards

What are the dangers of blood clots?

Cancer Research UK points out that cancer patients are more at risk of developing blood clots.

The charity points out that they can be a “normal part of the cancer journey”, are “readily treatable and should not interfere with your cancer treatment”.

However, it is very important that they are dealt with quickly.

Cancer Research UK said: “A blood clot can be very serious if it moves through your body because it will end up causing a blockage in the blood supply to your lungs.

“Most clots when diagnosed can be successfully treated so it’s important to report any symptoms to your doctor or nurse immediately.”

What are the other symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

Often, pancreatic cancer does not cause any symptoms in its early stages, but over time signs can begin to show.

Some of the most commonly reported symptoms of the cancer include:

  • Jaundice including yellowing of the eyes and skin
  • Dark urine
  • Belly or back pain
  • Weight loss and poor appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Gallbladder or liver enlargement
  • Blood clots
  • Diabetes

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