Once Upon a Time, These Were Trends—Now They’re In My Closet for the Long Haul

whowhatwear– We’re all pretty familiar with the concept that trends come and go. They can pop up once, never to be seen again, or they can return every few years—much like the recent resurgence of animal print. Every once in a while, however, one manages to break the cycle and not only continue its upward trajectory but actually earn wardrobe-essential status. A basic, if you will (at least among the fashion set).

These are the pieces that slowly update our arsenals to feel more current, likely pushing something out on its way in. The reason we’re here today is because while recently taking inventory of my own wardrobe, I noticed that there are quite a few “new basics” not only in my rotation, but in countless other girls I see both in real life and on Instagram. Just what are they? To read about all nine, see them in action, and, of course, shop them, just keep scrolling.

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