Nolte: Schizophrenic Media Flails as Trump’s Focus and Success Torpedo ‘Crazy’ Claims

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House author Michael Wolff and his media allies must be regretting the timing of his book release, wishing now he had been able to get it out there a whole lot sooner. Three months ago, before the consequential and historic success of Trump’s first year came into vivid focus, Wolff’s conspiracy theory might have stuck to the wall.

Today, it gives off the unmistakably stale aroma of last season’s fake news.

If we are to believe Wolff, the Trump White House is a hive of toxic dysfunction and chaos, primarily due to the fact that President Trump is a mentally unstable, illiterate man-child with no impulse control, no sense of direction, no purpose (other than self-aggrandizement), and lacks the intellect required to grasp the policy he has no interest in.

The above is important because that is what Wolff wants to tell us, what he wants us to see; it is the existential message that wafts above all the sensationalist gossip. And by extension, the national media is using this book (written by an author who is not sure he told truth) to undermine Trump by questioning his mental health.

There is just one yuge problem with that message: it in no way corresponds with actual results, with the rubber we have already seen meet the road, to a little thing I like to call … reality.

A mentally unsound man-child overseeing an administration crippled by anarchy will not see a record number of his appellate judges confirmed, will not oversee the successful passage of the most important tax reform in 30 years, will not annihilate ISIS without adding a single boot on the ground.

In just 365 days, Trump has turned around a stagnate economy, exploded the number of manufacturing jobs; seen black and Hispanic unemployment drop to record lows; opened up two oil pipelines (and all kinds of exploration); enjoyed victory after victory in the Supreme Court in pursuit of his immigration priorities; seated a spectacular Supreme Court justice; negotiated a $250 billion trade deal with China; brought North Korea to the negotiating table from a position of strength; expertly managed the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; untangled us from stupid deals known as TPP and the Paris climate accord, and a whole lot more.

These are not the achievements of a lunatic as portrayed by an immature and irresponsible media still bitter over losing a presidential election.

While there is no question the Trump White House had some growing pains, what White House doesn’t? Bill Clinton’s first year was by far the worst of the modern era, but the media would have us believe Trump’s was unprecedented. That is absurd. Clinton’s first year was not only chaotic, it was almost a total waste.

Meanwhile, Trump has already cemented a substantial legacy.

Forget that Trump is the man who conquered the Manhattan real estate market (the most coveted on the planet). Forget that Trump managed to remain a pop culture icon for four decades (something only a handful can claim). Forget that the very first time Trump tried politics, he effortlessly rolled over 16 other seasoned GOP candidates to win the Republican nomination; that he vanquished the Bush and Clinton dynasties; that he won the most coveted job in the world (that of the American president); that he accomplished all of this while a partisan media darkened the skies with poisoned arrows aimed at his back…

Forget all that, and look at the undeniable results of the last year — the boxes Trump has checked off, not only with respect to his own promises, but those items found on a yellowed-with-age conservative wish-list (ANWR, repealing the Obamacare mandate, school choice).

Moreover, Trump has turned an entire battleship around to point in his direction, one manned by both Democrats and Republicans, on the issue of immigration.

By far, though, Trump’s greatest accomplishment last year was keeping his eye on the ball. Nixon, Clinton, and Bush 43, all lost their way while dealing with scandal, media frenzies, and investigations. Not Trump. Despite unprecedented distractions, there is no greater testament to his mental stability than his laser-like focus on his political priorities, which is a superhuman feat — quite the opposite of a mentally unstable moron.

If anyone is showing symptoms of schizophrenia it is the media. For more than a year, they have pushed a conspiracy theory about Trump wanting to win so bad he colluded with the Russians. Now they want us to believe Trump didn’t want to win the presidency at all. How’s that for lunacy?

The bottom line is that Trump is behaving exactly as a true outsider and disruptor is supposed to behave: he has all of the tight-ass squares in the political and media establishment in a constant state of WELL, I NEVER!, keeps everyone off guard, and is effecting real and substantial change by getting actual things done.

While Trump remains intensely focused on booming our economy, dismantling ISIS, our fascist federal bureaucracy and the Deep State, it is the media running around with nets chasing squirrels they will never catch.

Our media is so insulated and provincial, they simply do not have the mental acumen to comprehend or tolerate anyone not like them.

The overall good news is that all of this is very bad news for an elitist media that continues to estrange itself from the truth… Voters are not going to judge Trump on castle intrigue or gossip. To them that is all white noise, nonsense, inside-the-beltway masturbation. This is why last month’s attempt to resurrect the sexual harassment claims against Trump failed so spectacularly (and predictably).

Trump will be judged on only three things: peace, prosperity, and competence.

And after year one, he is in superb shape on all of those fronts.

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