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The Queen is expected to meet President Donald Trump today and nobodys convinced that she really wants to.

I am no Royalist. But i genuinely feel sorry for the Queen having to meet Donald Trump.

— Danielle??? RN (@daniellejade198) July 12, 2018

If anyone doesnt think that the Queen works hard, just remember that today shell be entertaining Donald Trump and pretending to enjoy his company. Now that, is hard flamin work!

— Fat Brenda (@fatbrenda) July 12, 2018

Whether you like the monarchy or you don't, you must feel for the Queen tomorrow having to meet Donald Trump.

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) July 12, 2018

One answer might be to do what everyone else does when they really dont want to go to work.

Retweet if you think the Queen should pull a sickie on the day shes supposed to meet Trump.

— Adrian Schiller #FBPE (@Grumbletwat) July 6, 2018

Its an idea supported by these 16 people.

It looked like she might have been setting up the excuse when she didnt attend Prince Louis christening.

The Queen and Prince Phillip pulling a sicky to get out of meeting Trump is the true spirit of Britain

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) July 9, 2018

#BuckinghamPalace says the #Queen will miss #PrinceLouis of Cambridges #christening

Shes preparing for Trumps visit:#TrumpBaby #TrumpVisit #TrumpUK

?✨Jay✨? (@jayrotoole) July 9, 2018

Oooooh… if the Queen was too sick to attend her great-grandsons christening, do we think shell be too sick to meet Donald Tramp? Is she doing a “sickness warm-up”?

— ALIX WILTON REGAN (@AlixWiltonRegan) July 9, 2018

The Queen pretending to be sick to avoid meeting Donald Trump is sort of genius

— Jack (@JWilliamJames) July 9, 2018

And now the Queen is saying shes not well enough to attend a royal christening later this week. What are the chances shes still “not well enough” to have tea with Trump?

— Ian James (@IanOutWest) July 9, 2018

An actual doctor had an idea for the exact ailment that would be acceptable.

Its quite clear that Donald Trump is not a friend of the UK, and this trip is feeding his ego to no benefit of anyone else.

His meeting with the Queen should be cancelled following his comments in The Sun newspaper. Tell him shes got the shits, or something.

— Dave Jones ????????? (@WelshGasDoc) July 13, 2018

There were some suggestions that a refusal to meet Trump might do wonders for her popularity.

The Queen cancelling her meeting with Trump would guarantee the future of the monarchy for the next hundred years at least.

— Nick Harvey (@mrnickharvey) July 13, 2018

Imagine the Queen blanked Trump tomorrow, just didn't turn up for tea and left him twiddling his tiny thumbs. As a lifelong republican, I'd fall at her feet and dedicate my life to queen and country. Do it, Liz! ??

— Aidan Moffat (@AidanJohnMoffat) July 13, 2018

And someone suggested sending in a substitute.

I'm trying to think, if the Royal Family wanted to humiliate Trump, they could say, we're really sorry but The Queen can't see you today. Who'd be the most humiliating substitute? It's Prince Edward isn't it?

— Simon Alvey (@salvey1) July 13, 2018

However, plenty of people thought she should let the meeting go ahead.

The Queen prepares for Tea with Trump

— Broughton & Birnie (@brobirn) July 12, 2018

If the Queen pulls a sickie, does she have to press her head against the teapot for a bit, or is she the never apologise, never explain type?

— Matthew Sweet (@DrMatthewSweet) July 12, 2018

Dear The Queen. You are 92 and have the chance to do exactly what everyone else wants to do.

-Ask Trump why he is a fascist
-Ask Trump what he's trying to accomplish
-Tell him that you preferred Obama
-smash an egg on his head

You can get away with it – You're The Queen

— Simon Bath (@SimondoBath) July 12, 2018

I hope the Queen is wearing a Fuck Trump t-shirt when she meets him

— Nigel Warburton (@philosophybites) July 12, 2018

Lets face it, none of us would blame her if she did something really drastic to get out of having to risk having to talk to him.

If I was the Queen, I would seriously consider abdicating around lunch time to avoid having to have tea with Trump. And tell the world why.

— bluecowmoo (@bluecowmoo) July 13, 2018

As a bonus, lets imagine what this would be like.

So the Queen is going to meet Trump. Why are we indulging and legitimising this racist, white supremist demagogue? Hope that people across the UK give this disgrace the welcome he deserves. Auld Lizzy should boot him in the nuts. #TrumpNotWelcome

— Lorna Finn (@Lornafinn) July 7, 2018


And here are the latest pictures from the palace.

Lights out and nobody make a sound. He has arrived.#TrumpUKVisit

? Chioma ? (@chummzzy) July 13, 2018

“Hide Charlotte, George and Louis”
“Hes not going to cage them, Liz”
“Not taking any chances with the psychopathic orange dickhead”

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) June 21, 2018

Happy and glorious.

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