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After days of furious negotiation, following on from years of lacklustre negotiation, a Brexit deal has been agreed in principle by the UK and the EU. Theresa May announced last night that the deal had the support of the cabinet, but it looks like that wasnt exactly unanimous and were now seeing the fallout.

Today, I have resigned as Brexit Secretary. I cannot in good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU. Here is my letter to the PM explaining my reasons, and my enduring respect for her.

— Dominic Raab (@DominicRaab) November 15, 2018

Well… this is going swimmingly.
The Brexit secretary, the man in charge of the Brexit Agreement, has resigned because he hates the Brexit Agreement. "Dominic Raab".

— Femi (@Femi_Sorry) November 15, 2018

Its becoming a bit of a habit amongst UK Brexit negotiators, after David Davis also resigned over a deal he had agreed to. Naturally, much piss is being taken – these are the funniest.


Dominic Raab resigns saying he “cannot in all conscience support a deal which doesnt recognise the importance of the land border between France and Doncaster” #BrexitChaos

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) November 15, 2018


Raab (whose only job was to get a good deal for the UK) has quit in protest of the deal being shit

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) November 15, 2018


To be fair to Raab, given his track record of having to catch up on things everyone else knew, he may only just have heard of Brexit.

— Chris Addison (@mrchrisaddison) November 15, 2018


Raab is absolutely the sort of man who arranges to go paintballing at 9am on the second day of a stag do, then doesn't show up, citing his hangover.

— David Whitley (@mrdavidwhitley) November 15, 2018


Say what you like about the Vote Leave lot. Theyve all left.

— Rory Bremner (@rorybremner) November 15, 2018


On the plus side, it gives him more time to spend learning about Dover and Calais… #raab

— Sue Perkins (@sueperkins) November 15, 2018


The guy who negotiated the brexit deal resigning because he hates the brexit deal is a good metaphor for brexit tbf

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) November 15, 2018


<slowly walks on stage>
*taps mic*
''Looks like it's…Raab… C… EXIT''

— Kirsty Strickland (@KirstyStricklan) November 15, 2018


To lose one Brexit Secretary in a year is careless, to lose two…

— Jonathan Isaby (@isaby) November 15, 2018


Apparently Dominic Raab has just resigned. This is most inconvenient as Im part-way through a rant about Shailesh Vara and can only concentrate on making comments about one useless lawyer at a time.

— The Secret Barrister (@BarristerSecret) November 15, 2018


Wait… Raab negotiated the bloody thing and now he's resigning because he can't support the deal he's made?
I bet he's a nightmare with a drinks order.

— Col (@Bigshirtlesscol) November 15, 2018


Dominic Raab resigns in protest over the deal he himself negotiated

— Adam Bienkov (@AdamBienkov) November 15, 2018


Raab has resigned to spend more time looking like a man whos just ordered four bottles of bleach, a roll of bin liners & a hacksaw from room service.

— Nick Pettigrew (@Nick_Pettigrew) November 15, 2018


Dominic Raab totally looks like someone who, crazed on baked potatoes, could reverse over himself in his car.

— Louis Barfe (@AlanKelloggs) November 15, 2018


Amazing, Dominic Raab has resigned because he cannot “in good conscience” back the deal *he* brokered. Well, this is new.

— Bethany Black (@BeffernieBlack) November 15, 2018

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