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Map: The best places to get a curry in France

Complaints about the lack of good quality or indeed spicy curries available in France from British expats are frequent and numerous. So, with the help of our readers, we've put together a list of recommendations around France to rescue you from the curry blues.

Curry loving British expats have long complained about the Indian food on offer in France.

Here's a list of recommendations from readers so that you don't have to go to the same (extreme) lengths.

And below they are placed on the interactive map. Click on each point to get the name of the recommended restaurant.

Le Penjab, Saint Malo(Brittany)

"When I visit St Malo (several times a year) I find Le Penjab comparable to anything we have here [Australia] with a good spicy vindaloo and everything else I’ve tried top notch too. I recommend you give it a chance," said Kate O'Brien.

Himalaya, Paris (15th)

"I see in your photo (see below) my favourite curry house called the Himalaya in Montparnasse. I urge all expats in Paris to try it. Run by a delightful and friendly family," said David Chater.


Is it really true you can't get a decent curry in France?

Himalaya, Montparnasse. Photo: Jeffrey Beall/Flickr

Several readers recommended trying this vegetarian restaurant. It's one of the many restaurants serving curry around Gare du Nord in Paris.

Tsaretta Spice, Méribel (French Alps)

Taj Mahal, Dunkirk/Dunkerque (Hauts de France)


British expats in France charter plane to deliver curry takeaway from UK

Photo: James Emery/Facebook

Krishna, Bergerac (Dordogne)

Royal Kashmir, Paris (13th)

Photo: Ewan Munro/Flickr

Taj Mahal, Concarneau (Brittany)

Rajpoute, Ornex, near Geneva – eastern France

The Secret Curry Club aims to serve up curries just as they're made in the UK. Favourite dishes including Kashmiri Chicken, Chicken Bhuna, Chicken Madras and Tarka Dhal are available at at local markets in Eymet, Riberac, Villereal and St Cypien every week.

And here are our own recommendations:

Aux Comptoirs des Indes in the 11th arrondissemnt in Paris although you'll need to ask them to spice it up for you and Lakshmi Bhavan in the 9th arrondissement.

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