I Moved to Europe 3 Months Ago—These Are the Main Trends I’m Wearing

whowhatwear– Influencer Erin Busbee is always a great resource for shopping and style tips. In fact, you may remember the piece where she shared the denim silhouette that’s no-fail in her eyes. Well, she recently moved from Colorado to Madrid with her family, so we thought we’d get a sense of the pieces she’s been gravitating to for her life in Spain and other places she’s been. While her personal style hasn’t really changed, she has incorporated a few new items into her rotation to keep her vibe feeling fresh. She’s also experimented more with certain trends since arriving in Europe. For example, she used to wear loungewear regularly, but doesn’t wear activewear out and about as much, and reaches for some of these other pieces instead.

Below, Busbee shared four trends she’s been opting for to complete her chic and effortless vibes. While she’s worn some of the items in question for a bit, the pieces are more permanent fixtures in her offering now. Keep scrolling to learn more if you’re looking for a bit of fall sartorial inspiration. You’ll also find product recommendations sprinkled throughout in case one of the trends speaks to you.

“I love how European women dress up. They have definitely inspired me. I’m even wearing suits again. Suits make you feel a little more powerful—like you can tackle anything that comes your way.”

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