I Hate to Say It, But Y2K Sunglasses Are Officially “It”

whowhatwear– I won’t lie, I’ve feared this day ever since I heard rumblings of the early-aughts resurgence that’s now descended upon the fashion world. I watched while divisive trends like platform flip-flops and low-rise denim came back onto the scene and secretly held my breath hoping that one particular trend from the era wouldn’t manifest in the present day. But honestly, no matter how in denial I might be, I simply can’t fight it anymore. The early 2000s train truly stops for no one and the latest trend to arrive in its wake (and the object of my fear) is none other than Y2K sunglasses.

I don’t make the rules, but it’s all but impossible to ignore that the shades are trendier than ever. Fashion people up and down my timeline are donning the rimless, translucent, and shield-shaped sunglasses and their cool outfits are maybe, just maybe, changing my mind on the accessory. The outfits I’m noticing incorporate other key Y2K trends like trucker hats, body jewelry, and low-slung denim. No matter how you feel about them, you can’t deny that the throwback shades are “it” right now. Ahead, see how insiders are wearing Y2K sunglasses and shop modern-day versions (and some vintage pairs, too).


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