How to DOUBLE your holiday in 2019: Easy hack gets you 55 days off using 25 days leave

TRAVEL: You can double your holiday days next year with this simple hack (Pic: GETTY)

If you want 2019 to be a year full of relaxation and adventure, you need to use this handy holiday hack.

Workers can more than double their annual leave by strategically planning which days to take off next year.

Most workers in Britain are entitled to 28 holiday days per year, although this varies between workplaces.

However, you can get 55 days off work using just 25 days annual leave.


FREEDOM: If you want 2019 to be your most adventurous you need to plan ahead (Pic: GETTY)

How does it work?

Brits need to be clever and book their time off around bank holidays and weekends.

For example in April there are two bank holidays for Easter – 19th and 22nd of April.

This means if you book off the 15th-19th and the 23rd-26th of April you will get 16 days holiday using only eight holiday days.

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Which days do I need to book off work in 2019?

Here Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists, have come up with a complete holiday hack plan for next year.

Easter: Take 8 days off for a 16-day holiday

Book off: 15th-18th April & 23rd-26th April

Bank holidays: 19th & 22nd April

Your holiday: 13th-28th April

Early May: Take 4 days off for a 9-day holiday

Book off: 7th-10th May

Bank holidays: 6th May

Your holiday: 4th-12th May

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Late May: Take 4 days off for a 9-day holiday

Book off: 28th-31st May

Bank holidays: 27th May

Your holiday: 25th May-2nd June

Summer: Take 4 days off for a 9-day holiday

Book off: 27th-30th August

Bank holidays: 26th August

Your holiday: 24th August-1st September

Christmas: Take 5 days off for a 12-day holiday

Book off: 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th & 31st December

Bank holidays: 25th, 26th December & 1st January

Your holiday: 21st December-1st January

Total holiday days: 55

Total annual leave days used: 25

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This holiday plan will even leave you with a few extra days to play around with. Maybe you could book a few days out of the peak seasons so you can grab a bargain city break.

This hack only works if you are on regular shift patterns and automatically get weekends and bank holidays off.

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Sri Lanka topped the list, followed by Germany, Zimbabwe, Panama and Kyrgyzstan.

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Also, Martin Lewis has given some great tips on how to get out of debt next year.

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