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Fresh claims around Emmanuel Macron’s erotic novel set tongues wagging in France

Rumours that a teenage Emmanuel Macron penned an erotic novel about his blooming relationship with his teacher, now wife, Brigitte Macron have started flying in France due to revelations in a soon to be published biography of the "first lady".

It's no secret that Macron has literary aspirations. But it might come as a shock that they may have once included erotic fiction.

According to a source used in the upcoming biography of France's first lady by Closer journalist Maëlle Brun, in 1993, a 16-year-old Macron penned the blue novel in addition to several poems.

But the fresh revelations come from a neighbour who alludes to the fact that the subject of the novel was Macron's budding relationship with his future wife Brigitte who he met when she was a teacher at his school.

"It was a daring novel, a little smutty! The names were of course not the same but I think he had to express what he felt at the time."

In 1993, Emmanuel Macron aged 16-years-old had just met Brigitte Macron, who as a teacher ran the high school theater club. During this time they rewrote a play by Eduardo De Filippo, "The Art of Comedy".

And "in full creative excitement the future president also wrote poems and this infamous novel," writes Closer.

Unfortunately for us, she did not hold on to the manuscript. After all, how could she know its author would one day become France's youngest president?

If true, it wouldn't be the first time a French politician had turned their hand to erotic fiction.

Indeed French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe co-wrote "In the Shadows", a detective novel crossed with erotica. And Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire wrote a book called "The Minister" which features a risque scene involving the main character and his wife during a trip to Venice.

French politician and novelist Aurélie Filippetti has also included a very racy scene in a novel and of course, there's the erotic novel written by former President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in 1994, "Le Passage" ("The Passing").

The biography of Brigitte, "Brigitte Macron, l'affranchie" ("Brigitte Macron, Liberated") is due to be released in France on January 17th.

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