Down syndrome can affect how a person looks and thinks, and it's sometimes linked with other health problems, as well. The same certainly can’t be said about dogs. Down syndrome causes a mental handicap.It may be mild or severe. Drag is about transformation. People with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome that impacts how a person looks and their ability to think, learn, and reason. The symptoms of Down syndrome vary from person to person, and people with Down syndrome may have different problems at different times of their lives. Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition in the United States. But the features associated with Down syndrome can be found in babies without Down syndrome, so your health care provider will likely order a test called a chromosomal karyotype to confirm diagnosis. Determining whether dogs can have Down syndrome depends on how you look at the question. The average IQ of a young adult with Down syndrome is 50, equivalent to the mental age of an 8- or 9-year-old child, but it truly depends on the person. Nottingham Guidelines for the Management of Children with Down Syndrome Liz Marder 6 December 2016 Overview of Nottingham Down Syndrome Children’s Service Antenatal If a diagnosis is made at this stage, parents may be offered a referral to the Down Syndrome Team for further information about Down Syndrome and the services available. Common physical signs of Down syndrome include 1,2: Decreased or poor muscle tone; Short neck, with excess skin at the back of the neck; Flattened facial profile and nose Physical Symptoms. Down syndrome (or trisomy 21; old name mongoloid idiocy) is a genetic disorder.People with Down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21, or part of it. 2 This occurs when an extra part or a whole extra chromosome 21 is present, but it is attached or “trans-located” to a different chromosome rather than being a separate chromosome 21. “Drag Syndrome is a drag troupe like no other. The CDC estimates that about 1 in every 700 babies born in the United States has Down syndrome. Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome? Translocation Down syndrome: This type accounts for a small percentage of people with Down syndrome (about 3%). We’ll explain the causes, symptoms, and outlook of this condition. After birth, the initial diagnosis of Down syndrome is often based on the baby's appearance. It’s about freedom of expression. If Down syndrome does occur in dogs, it is a much rarer event.

But Drag Syndrome goes a step further – its talented artists broaden our horizons with their creativity and effortlessly disarm the audience with their profound love of life. Find out the type, causes, and kinds of effects it can have.

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