... Those three elections in the past month are just the latest to upend the European political order by elevating anti … In this article, we consider the causes of the increase in voting for anti‐immigration parties in western Europe in the past decade. Left unaddressed, the rise of anti-immigrant, anti-internationalist sentiment, which has shifted the political balance within Europe, could have grave consequences for liberal democracy itself. The trend started in Switzerland in 1999, where new leadership in the Swiss People’s Party led to a campaign based on anti-immigrant, anti-European Union sentiment. The … Anti-immigrant movements in Europe have moved from the madcap fringes to propping up governments. Across the European Union, right-wing anti-immigrant leaders have won over voters who, like their counterparts in America, were drawn to a populist and blunt-talking politician. Despite a reputation for progressive politics, humanitarianism and a generous welfare state, Denmark has some of the most aggressive anti-immigrant policies in Europe… (3) Or will it ditch them in favor of working with other anti-immigration parties, implying that immigration and Islamization, not the economy, is the most important issue? For anti-EU, sovereignty-minded leaders such as Salvini and Orban, immigration is a perfect issue to campaign on. The European Left’s Dangerous Anti-Immigrant Turn In Denmark, the center left returned to power only by lurching to the right on immigration. Although the main thrust of the film is to goad native Europeans against mass migration and the negative effects of multiculturalism, the film also paradoxically takes a swipe at one European minority group who stand to lose almost the most from mass Muslim immigration.

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Anti-immigrant forces gain ground in Europe. By Karina Piser In our analysis of data from the European Social Survey (ESS)—a biannual survey of Europe’s societies and people’s attitudes since 2002—we found that this theory explains a lot of how people think about migration and migrants. It is not the presence of migrants as such that generates anti-migrant sentiments: these are strongest in countries with very few migrants. Like free trade and finance, migration creates winners and losers. In this series, the Guardian looks at how immigrant … We first note that one of the most commonly assumed reasons for this increase is an associated increase in anti‐immigration sentiment, which we show is likely to be false. Societal processes. If Europe’s political elite doesn’t come up with ways to compensate low-skilled native workers who feel threatened or displaced by migrants, the anti-immigration wave will continue to surge.. My family’s history is a case in point. Stay tuned. A core tenet of the bloc is to maintain open borders among member states.” 2 These issues are deeply interconnected, and it is no coincidence that the European anti-immigration parties are also the most Euro-skeptic.

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