However, you can also do that in the normal mode by adding a color block. Add Color Block to an Instagram Story. 1. When you’re ready, upload your story as usual.

It’s always fun to develop photos with text in speech bubbles or simply make a statement. You can move the text box’s location, pinch to change its size, or rotate it.

Here’s how to do it. You can add a background color while composing a text story in the Type mode. 2.

Create a “big box” in your Instagram Story.
Instagram Stories: How to Add Text. When someone tags you in a story and you select Instagram's "Add This to Your Story" option, the app picks a color from the tagged image and makes it the background for your story. Select the photo on Instagram that you'd like to add to your story.

And luckily, there’s a way to do it. This is a great trick if you want to add a caption to your Instagram Stories. Instagram continues to add more creative tools and incentives for businesses who want to join the platform and use Instagram Stories for business.. As with anything you do on social media, it’s important to make sure you’re using these features in ways that align with your brand and are ultimately contributing to your marketing goals. These 6 Tips and Tricks Will Revolutionize Your Instagram Story Game ... on color palette and letting you adjust the text color in real-time. How to change the background color on your Instagram story. Instagram Stories offers a bunch of great fonts, but nothing beats having your own brand font! You can also add stickers, more text, location tags, filters, and more. If you’re looking for that bit of character to separate your story from the rest, then the addition of text could be just that. Some text added sparingly and effectively can make your story come alive. This moves your text-based post into Story mode, where you can edit it in the same way you would any other story. You can use this box to write text in it. Instagram Stories Hacks #3: Add Your Brand Fonts to Your Stories. When you go to add text to your Instagram Story by hitting the "Aa" icon, a color palate will instantly pop up. If you’re looking to add a little more “brand” to your stories, writing in your brand font is a great option.

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