Ex royal capital is named best seaside destination in the UK – ‘heaven’

expres– Set in Northumberland, by the coast and within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, one village is making headline for being named the best seaside destination in the UK. And while most Britons can list many a great seaside town for a perfect coastal staycation, chances are this particular village may not have been on their radar.

The ancient royal capital of Northumbria, the village of Bamburgh may now only be home to a few hundred people, it still has many attractions visiting Britons will not want to miss.

From the castle to a local heroine, Bamburgh has everything tourists could want.

One of the most distinctive features of Bamburgh is the castle.

Overlooking the beach, the imposing structure has over 1,400 years of history.

One of the largest inhabited castles in the country, Bamburgh Castle has many stories and legends attached to it.

It is even believed by some to be Joyous Garde, Sir Lancelot’s castle.

There is plenty to see and do at the castle, from visiting the state rooms to taking in the views from the battery terrace or exploring the grounds.

The castle is also home to an Archaeology Museum and the Armstrong and Aviation Museum.

Bamburgh Castle and its dramatic settings overlooking the Northumberland coast has made it a feature in film and TV, most notably in 2017 Transformers: The Last Knight

Just below the castle, the five stars Bamburgh Beach is renowned for its surf.

However, Britons don’t need to don a wetsuit and jump in the waters to enjoy the beach.

On Tripadvisor, visitors were all in agreement and Bamburgh Beach has a five stars rating.

User csandmfamily said: “Stunning beach with views of Bamburgh Castle, I was in heaven. Very picturesque. White sands which was so soft and lovely to walk on.”

In the village, St Aidan’s Church is a must see.

Founded by Saint Aidan in 635 to bring Christianity to the kingdom of Northumbria, the long history of the church is fascinating.

The current church is a 12th century building, but there may be a beam in the baptistery belonging to the first wooden church of St Aidan.

Local heroine Grace Darling has her own museum, the RNLI Grace Darling Museum.

Grace rescued nine sailors from a wreck in 1838.

The Victorian woman became a heroine to many and a bit of a celebrity.

It’s said even Queen Victoria herself had heard of her.

Visiting Britons looking to extend their stay beyond Bamburgh village can take a trip to Farne Islands.

Wildlife abound on the islands, and a boat trip over is a fantastic day trip option from Bamburgh

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