Donald Trump ‘eats cheeseburgers in bed for dinner while watching three TVs’

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Donald Trump 'eats cheeseburgers in bed for dinner while watching three TVs'
President Trump is said to enjoy eating cheeseburgers in bed while watching three TVs

Donald Trump eats cheeseburgers in bed for dinner while watching three televisions and ranting down the phone to his friends, an explosive new book alleges.

Author Michael Wolff said the embattled President used to eat dinner most evenings with axed strategist Steve Bannon – but that he’d retire to bed with junk food and TV if he was alone.

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Trump wouldn’t use his down time to relax though, and would instead call friends to moan about what he saw as his unfair portrayal in the media.

Writing in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Wolff also claimed Trump angered Secret Service staff by insisting on adding a lock to his bedroom door.

He is also accused of shouting at housekeepers for cleaning, on one occasion screaming ‘If my shirt is on the floor, it’s because I want it on the floor.’

Donald Trump 'eats cheeseburgers in bed for dinner while watching three TVs'
Trump himself is said to have unwittingly revealed some of the most embarrassing stories about himself by calling gossipy friends

Wolff also claimed President Trump stripped his own bedsheets, and warned his staff not to touch any of his belongings – especially his toothbrush.

He is notoriously afraid of being poisoned.

An excerpt from the explosive book, whose contents are heavily denied by the White House, first ran in New York magazine on Wednesday.

Wolff also claimed some of the most embarrassing leaks about Trump came from the man himself, after chatting to gossipy friends.

He said: ‘[Trump] was a river of grievances, which recipients of his calls promptly spread to the ever-attentive media.’

During one 26-minute phone diatribe, Trump is said to have raged over a Time magazine cover branding his former adviser shadow Steve Bannon ‘shadow president’.

He has since accused Bannon of being a key source for the new book, and issued legal proceedings against him, claiming his conduct breaks a non-disclosure agreement.

Trump said Bannon ‘had nothing to do with me or my presidency,’ adding: ‘When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.’

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