Does Donald Trump know the words to the US national anthem?

Does Donald Trump know the words to the US national anthem?
Does he know the words? (Picture: Reuters)

A week in which the world has learned an awful lot about Donald Trump fittingly ended with one final revelation.

The president of the USA might not know the words to his country’s national anthem.

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Is anyone really surprised?

Trump was filmed singing along to the anthem – or trying to – as he attended college football’s National Championship game between the universities of Alabama and Georgia.

The cameras in Atlanta were fixed on Trump for the entire two minutes of The Star Spangled Banner, and what they captured is truly bizarre.

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Does Donald Trump know the words to the US national anthem?
Trump attended the game in Atlanta but left at half time (Picture: Getty)

Trump gives an embarrassing rendition throughout the first half of the anthem as he regularly appears to mumble out of time or doesn’t attempt to sing at all.

At times, the president confidently sings along loudly and proudly, particularly during the second half – which only makes his mumbling stand out even more.

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Some critics have suggested Trump has forgotten the words in a sign of mental deterioration, while others accused him of never knowing them in the first place.

The GOP tweeted a clip of Trump singing the anthem – but conveniently cut out the section he appeared to struggle with.

The game, won by Alabama in overtime, featured a number of future NFL players – a group of people that Trump has clashed with over kneeling protests during the national anthem.

It was in Alabama last year that the president suggested players who took a knee, described by the president as ‘sons of bitches’, should lose their jobs.

Bo Scarborough, a key player for Alabama, was filmed making his feelings about the president clear before the game kicked off.

Trump left the game at half time, during a performance by Kendrick Lamar, who has been an outspoken critic of the president.

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