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COVID Live News: Booster jab rollout opens to over 40s in England – as Austria enters full lockdown

fr24news– The lockdown is the first since vaccines became widely available, but it comes when only 65% ​​of the population is fully vaccinated.

Most gathering places – such as restaurants, cafes, bars, theaters, non-essential stores and hairdressers – will be closed for 10 days, but this could be extended to 20 days, the government said.

Hotels will close to tourists who were not already staying there at the start of containment.

The country’s famous Christmas markets will also close, although ski lifts will remain open to those who have been vaccinated.

People can leave their homes for a limited number of reasons, such as going to work or shopping for essentials.

They can also walk around but can only meet one person from another household at a time.

Workplaces and schools will remain open, although the government has said parents should keep children at home if possible.

The number of new daily cases in Austria has fluctuated between 14,000 and 15,000 in recent days.

Thousands of people rallied against the lockdown over the weekend.

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