Boohoo is selling Christmas wreaths for your nipples

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Its a hard task making every bit of your life as festive as the Christmas season demands.

Youve picked up your festive bleach for the toilet, youve turned your brows into Christmas trees, youve even made sure to wipe your bottom only with mulled wine scented paper.

But what on earth are you going to do about your nipples? Your unfestive, thoroughly lacking in Christmas spirit, nipples?

Do not fear, you dont need to fashion tiny santa hats for your nips or paint your breast to look like Rudolph.

Boohoo is here to help.

The fashion brand is now selling specially designed festive nipple pasties made to look like Christmas wreaths. Theyve even got jingle bells on.

The nipple covers are made up of green and red pom poms decorated with tinsel. You pop em on your nips and voila, your body is as festive as can be.

METRO GRAB - Boohoo website Christmas nipple pasties Boohoo

(Picture: Boohoo)

If you dont fancy having wreaths on your boobs, you could grab Boohoos other Christmas themed nipple covers – they also have a Christmas present design.



At £4 a pair, we reckon its worth splashing out on a few.

METRO GRAB - Boohoo website Christmas nipple pasties Boohoo

(Picture: Boohoo)

You could have one set to put on top of your Christmas jumper, and one to wear underneath. Lovely.

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Just, please, make sure that your nipples dont go unChristmas-ed this year. No one wants the shame of having undecorated nipples while theyre decking out the Christmas tree.

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