Benjamin Netanyahu’s days as head of Israel could be numbered as a new coalition forms –

fr24news– A wave of promises, behind-the-scenes negotiations and last-minute changes in political allegiance marked what appear to be the final days of Benjamin Netanyahu’s long tenure as Prime Minister of Israel.

Once the dust settled, Naftali Bennett, former defense minister and Netanyahu’s chief of staff, looked set to emerge as prime minister, leading an unlikely coalition that spans the spectrum of the Israeli political spectrum -om the warmongering parties of the right to the centrists and the left. wing activists.

The last-minute drama comes ahead of a deadline set Wednesday for opposition parties to form a coalition government, after Israel’s March 23 elections – the fourth since 2019 – failed to allow Netanyahu or his opposition to achieve a decisive victory.On Sunday evening, Bennett, a former protégé of Netanyahu, announced that he had struck a deal with former TV presenter-turned-politician Yair Lapid and his centrist Yesh Atid party to form the backbone of a new government of coalition.

“Four elections and two more months proved to everyone that the option of a right-wing government led by Netanyahu simply does not exist. It’s either an election or a unity government, ”Bennett said in a speech Sunday night.

In order to form a government, a party leader must gain the support of a 61-seat majority in the 120-seat Knesset, or parliament. Since no single party controls the majority on its own, coalitions tend to be made up of smaller partners.

Procedural hurdles remain, but if the coalition is approved in the Knesset, Bennett, a right-wing nationalist, would enter a two-year rotation as prime minister with Lapid – who was Netanyahu’s strongest opposition and whose party is filled with secular centrists and some social activists. Lapid would begin his term as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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