ANA introduces ‘Japan Travel Planner’ website for travelers visiting Japan

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced the introduction of a new website "Japan Travel Planner" aimed to help travelers visiting Japan discover the beauty of the country by obtaining valuable travel information.

The two informative current websites "ANA Experience Japan" and "Taste of Japan" were integrated into the new " Japan Travel Planner" website which offers enhanced research and travel plan creation functions making it easy to find the best ways to get to sightseeing spots. By selecting a location and the desired traveling time, a recommended itinerary of the trip will be created and an option to make a reservation for an air ticket will be given.

Through this new "Japan Travel Planner" site, ANA will introduce not only the most popular sightseeing spots, but also many hidden attractive locations throughout Japan, strongly contributing to the accomplishment of the Japanese government tourism target of reaching 40 million overseas visitors to Japan in 2020.

Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)


  • Visitors can search various information related to food, cultural experiences, shopping and others, choosing from menus sorted by area and category

  • When visitors select the desired sightseeing spot, an itinerary of the journey including travel time by ground transportation automatically will be created to support visitors making their travel plans

  • The created itinerary can be directly shared to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Weibo (Chinese simplified characters only)

  • Visitors can find information of relevant tourist associations in each region on "Japan Travel Planner". Also, the website automatically reflects shared and posted information by influencers on their own social media pages using the function of Adobe Livefyer.

  • To give visitors constantly updated information, the website includes templates of area information that are easy to update and which can be used by local governments and tourism promotion organizations.

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