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Adopted Mother Of Asylum Seeker Killer Speaks Out

The adoptive mother of an asylum seeker who lied about her age to enter the UK before murdering a Royal Marine midshipman has revealed he also attacked her.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, 21, fatally stabbed Thomas Roberts, 21, a Royal Marine midshipman, during an argument and riding an electric scooter in Bournemouth in March last year.

Nicola Marchant-Jones said Abdulrahimzai tried to headbutt her.

It has now been revealed that Abdulrahimzai has already been convicted of murder in Serbia.

The killer was sentenced to 20 years in prison in his absence after two people were shot dead outside a refugee area by a gas station.

He was allowed to enter the UK in 2019 after telling authorities he was a 14-year-old schoolboy whose parents were killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

His lies got him placed with adoptive mother Nicola Marchant-Jones who said she “had to accept he was 14” and had “no other way to verify it”.

Abdulrahimzai was taken in by Nicola from early 2020 to mid-2021 before being moved to another family.

During his trial at Salisbury Crown Court, she said he was initially a ‘shy, bright lad’ who suffered from ‘night terrors’ but developed a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality after being caught with knives Many times.

Speaking to the MailOnline today, she said he left her care after becoming violent.

She said she was unaware of his background before arriving in the UK and that Mr Roberts’ murder shocked her.

Nicola said: “When he first arrived he was quite a shy boy but suddenly he changed, his personality changed completely and he became a very different person.

Knife Carry

“The police talked to him about carrying knives and he seemed to think he had a right to carry a knife for self-defense.”

She added that he would often get in trouble at school for getting into fights.

On another occasion, they had gone to JD Sports to buy a new coat, but she grabbed it with a knife he had taken from her kitchen and took it from her.

However, when he was caught with a knife, Dorset Police only gave him advice.

Nicola said that at one point he told her he was “doing street fights.”

She said: “He seemed to have a lot of money. I didn’t see any money but he was buying nice things. He said he received £100 for ten minutes of fighting.

Near The Head Facility Mom

He was taken out of her care when, during an argument, he almost headbutted her.

On March 12 last year, Abdulrahimzai had an argument with Tom’s pal James Medway over an electric scooter.

When Royal Marine hopeful Tom intervened, he was stabbed in the heart and stomach by the “very aggressive” defendant.

Tragically, the time between the argument breaking out and Tom being stabbed was just 24 seconds.

Jurors were told that Abdulrahimzai “revels in violence” and had a “fascination with knives”.

He posed with 10-inch blades on TikTok to attract followers from “people who love knives”.

He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after claiming he believed Tom was a Taliban agent sent to kill him.

Abdulrahimzai claimed to be 16 when he was arrested on suspicion of murdering Tom.

But after examining his teeth, it was decided that he was in fact 21 years old.

The asylum seeker first traveled to Serbia via Pakistan and Iran in October 2015 before arriving in Norway later that month.

Abdulrahimzai then left Norway and spent some time in Italy and Serbia.

Serbian media reports described how two Afghans were shot dead near the village of Dobrinci in August 2018.

At the start of the trial last week, prosecutor Nic Lobbenberg KC told jurors, “Thomas was the peacemaker, he came between the two men. For his troubles, he received two stab wounds.

Abdulrahimzai will be sentenced on January 25.

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