28 Chic Basics Katie Holmes Would Buy From Zara

whowhatwear– If you’re one of the many who count themselves as fans of Katie Holmes’s accessible style, allow me to indulge you. Ever since Holmes wore that famous Khaite cardigan set and the paparazzi started following her every move, I (and my colleagues) have carefully documented her many outfits. Something I’ve noticed is that she wears a lot of basics. And what’s a great place to shop for basics? Zara.

You may think of Zara as a destination for trendy pieces, and that’s certainly true, but don’t sleep on its basics selection. T-shirts, jeans, blazers, and tons of wardrobe essentials coexist with the brand’s trendier items, and the prices make it easy to stock up. So just for fun, I combined the two and shopped for basics through the lens of which ones Katie Holmes would buy from Zara. Read on if you’re curious and want to shop them for yourself.

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