The number of additional deaths in Europe due to COVID-19 spiked in March and April by 140,000, according to Eurostat data released today.

That total covers only 21 countries. It excludes the U.K. — which has been especially hard hit — as well as Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.

Still, that count covers more than 90 percent of all deaths due to the pandemic in Europe, as estimated by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Eurostat said in a release.

The EU agency called the difference in deaths compared to previous years “exceptionally high” in some parts of Europe.

The deaths in the date range — March 2 to April 26 — are compared to the average number of deaths during the same period from 2016-19. The number of excess deaths peaked during the week ending on April 5.

Across 20 European countries, death rates were higher among men in March, but higher among women in April. In people aged 70 aRead More – Source