Jon Turner – of YouTube channel Exploration Unknown – explained to viewers at the start of the 14-minute clip that the building is rumoured to be built on ancient Indian burial sites.

“This place has been cursed, theres been numerous, mysterious deaths to the point where they abandoned the project before it even finished,” he said.

In the footage, a loud banging noise approaches Jon and his friend Tim in the floor above them.

What sounds like footsteps soon follow the mysterious noises, prompting Tim to say: “If theres somebody here, we dont want no trouble – were just filming.”

As they continue into the darkened building, their cameras appear to capture an ominous figure emerging from behind a pillar.

Neither Jon nor Tim spot it, though, and carry on their journey.


SCARY: Two explorers fled in terror from what they found inside an abandoned factory

“I dont know what danger were in”

Jon Turner

The spooky happenings soon become too much for the cameraman, who says: “Guys, were going to get out of here.

“I dont know what danger were in, Im pretty sure someone is here and I do not know what their intentions are but I do not want to find out…”

Just before he can finish his sentence a loud bang is heard.

The camera then pans round to reveal a figure approaching them and this time they spot it.

“Holy s***, get out of here dude,” Jon screams at his pal as the pair run from the building.

The clip ends with the two shaken explorers revealing they managed to make it home.


TERRIFYING: An ominous figure was spotted approaching the pair

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More than 135,000 people have seen the clip since it was posted to YouTube, with the caption: “Abandoned factory exploration – we were not alone.”

“You guys need to be more careful,” one viewer warned. “I am just glad you got out okay.”

Another added: “Go back, but make sure you have your weapon with you.

“Like to know what's going on there.”

It comes after another group of explorers were shocked to find a secret doorway inside an abandoned house.

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