Here’s the Daily Mail, putting the (jack)boot into Max Mosley again on today’s front page.

We’re not here to defend Mosley, but in the interests of balance, @DMReporter posted a reminder.

TODAY: Oops! How the Daily Mail has had ANOTHER memory lapse over its thuggish, racist past.

— The DM Reporter (@DMReporter) March 9, 2018

What can they possibly be referring to?

TODAY: Max Mosley is a nasty piece of work – no argument from me here – but the former owner of your newspaper was literally mates with Hitler, so you might want to be careful with the anti-Nazi moral high ground you fucking hypocrite opportunists.

— The DM Reporter (@DMReporter) March 1, 2018

And here’s what John Cleese said about it last month.

I see the Daily Mail is railing about Mosley's 'racist pamphlet' from the 60s

They've forgotten that 30 years earlier the Daily Mail was supporting Adolf Hitler himself

I deplore racist pamphlets,but I detest racist NEWSPAPERS more, especially ones appearing daily in our era

— John Cleese (@JohnCleese) February 28, 2018


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