Seven-year-old boy crashes stolen car in 100mph dash to see his mom
Chance Nichols was taken to hospital after flipping the car three times (Picture: News 9)

A seven-year-old boy who was trying to reach his mother is in hospital after crashing a stolen car while doing speeds of around 100mph.

Chance Nichols wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when the car he was driving flipped three times off a road in Wagoner County, Oklahoma.

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He had been dropped off at a friend’s house by his father before stealing the car, reports News 9.

His mom, Cyndi, said she’s been fighting for custody for several years.

She explained: ‘I know that he did this, he chose to pick those keys up. However, if he would’ve had the right parental guidance, he should not have been able to get to those keys.’

Seven-year-old boy crashes stolen car in 100mph dash to see his mom
He stole the car after his dad dropped him off at a friend’s home (Picture: News 9)

‘Chance needs parental guidance and he doesn’t have it right now. He is like a seven-year-old on his own.’

When Cyndi arrived at the hospital, she claims Chance said he had stolen the car to drive to her.

It’s the fourth time he’s stolen a vehicle within days.

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Since 2014, Cyndi has only been allowed to see her son for one hour a week. She vowed to keep fighting for custody until ‘wrong is made right’.

Chance’s father, who has not been named, said Cyndi is not part of the child’s life.

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