She was famed for dishing out fashion advice on What Not To Wear and now Susannah Constantine has shared a pretty unusual underwear trick with her fans.

The 56-year-old has revealed that she wears two bras in order to better manage her huge t**s and thinks its even given her the boobs of a teenager again.

Susannah explained to her Instagram Stories followers yesterday: “Which of you ladies like me have huge t**s and cant find a bra that fits properly?

“Well I have the solution – two bras.”

The presenter then filmed herself putting on the first brassiere, which she explained didnt give her enough support, and so went on to add another over the top.

“You might think Im mad, but I now feel Ive got the boobs of a teenager again because theyre firm and they dont jiggle around, which I hate and get embarrassed by,” Susannah told the camera after demonstrating the trick.

“Now Im happy wearing T-shirts and clinging fabrics.”

Susannahs unorthodox method for managing her cleavage impressed many fans.

Double bra tamed bountiful boobs! Solution on my Stories #susannahsuggests

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“Great idea – will try this,” one commented, whilst another wrote: “Fantastic! A good day is a tamed bountiful boob day”

However, some werent so convinced.

“You are a nut ! Bloody funny, brilliant idea but maybe a bit hot ?” one follower posted, to which Susannah replied: “actually not. Worked a treat in Greece! Extreme measures for us big busted girls!”

Its not the first time recently that Susannah – who shares three children with husband Cece Bertelsen – has got people talking with her no-holds-barred posts.

Last month the TV star stunned fans when she shared a picture of herself checking in at the airport wearing nothing but a swimming costume.

“Whats worse… Swimsuit on Airport Run or PJs on School Run? #whatnottowear,” she wrote.

Whats worse… Swimsuit on Airport Run or PJs on School Run? #whatnottowear

A post shared by Susannah Constantine (@susannahconstantine) on

Susannah is certainly a brave lady when it comes to her social media activity!

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