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Acrobatic couple have no regrets after 'dangerous' plane stunt

(Picture: @oleg.kolisnichenko.5)

A Ukranian couple who were chilling on a beach in the Caribbean island of St Maarten – known for its low-flying aircraft – saw an opportunity and took it.

Acrobat Yulia Nos decided to do a handstand with one hand resting on her partner Oleg Kolisnichenkos head, just as a plane was landing.

It seemed Yulias feet were just inches away as the cargo plane passed overhead to make its landing at Princess Juliana International Airport.

But no one was impressed by the stunt.

Unforgiving users wrote stupidity at its finest, and that this beach is at risk of being shut down because of brainless antics like this on Olegs Instagram. Most worried that Yulia couldve hurt herself or endangered the lives of those on the plane.

But the couple is paying no mind to the haters, Oleg told



Neither of us knew that one year after we visited Maho beach and took this photo, we would become so popular.

Naturally, theres a lot of criticism, but we treat this with understanding. Of course, it is unpleasant to hear insults and conclusions about how we could cause the death of hundreds of people.

But I want to say that our friend and photographer Maxim Zarko did this shot lying on the sand. Therefore, the angle makes it seems like the plane almost touched her legs.

He also explained that in the other pictures they took, you can see how high the planes really were. After spending three hours trying to get the perfect shot, Oleg and Yulia decided to share the handstand pic.

"Two idiots" officially speaking 😛 Кто б мог подумать, что за две недели, после своего появления в Instagram, это фото сделает нас ТАКИМИ популярными. @dailymail ? @foxnews ?Главная турецкая газета" Hurriyet daily news"!!!Really? Спасибо @instagramaviation @aviationdaily за то, что так удачно репостнули наш снимок. Гранд мерси. Поскольку большинство комментирующих решили, что из-за нас могли погибнуть «сотни людей» объясняю: ни я,ни @yuliia_nos ,а тем более пассажиры того самолёта ‼НЕ БЫЛИ В ЗОНЕ РИСКА‼ Фотограф @zar.ko лежал на песке и сделал кадр снизу,соответственно всем теперь кажется,что самолёт ой как близко около ног. Так что все живы-здоровы,не беспокойтесь,а если кому интересно узнать все подробности и поговорить на эту тему,то мы с радостью примем приглашение на какое-либо крутое ток-шоу☺👍,либо ответим в DIRECT✌ Peace for everyone and take care yourself)

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A lot of the commenters also sided with the couple, realising that the plane would not have been as low as the picture suggests.

Those tires are the size of people, said one user. If the plane was low enough to hit her, they would be the same size as her. That plane would also be low enough to crash into the fence surrounding the airport.

From what Ive read about the airport, planes are approximately 100 feet above ground at that point. That leaves a clearance of about 88 feet from her toes, wrote another.



After many enquired about an after pic showing Yulias inevitable fall and injury, Oleg replied: Do you think if she was dead, Id show this photo to everybody?

Well, its a good question.

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