The MSC Armonia was stopping off in Roatan, Honduras, as part of its cruise when the shocking incident happened.

In the clip, the ship is seen approaching the pier in an attempt to shore up alongside.

But it appears to misjudge the distance to the dock and as it turns to park, the ship's bow cuts through the pier.

Port staff can be seen running out in horror at the scene as the remnants of the dock fall into the water.

The ship then runs aground in the shallow water.

Around 1,800 passengers were onboard the 902ft-long vessel, but no injuries were reported after the accident yesterday morning.

MSC Cruises said an investigation is underway for the cause of the crash.


SCARY: The cruise ship smashed into the port

“While manoeuvring alongside, for reasons that are currently still being investigated, the ship deviated from her course and grazed the end of the pier,” a statement read.

“There was never any risk for guests or crew on board.

“There was also no impact for the environment.

“While there was a slight delay for our guests to disembark, all who were scheduled to go ashore on excursions and other activities disembarked as planned.”

There was minor damage to the ship, but it is thought that repairs will be finalised before it disembarks today.

The shocking video comes just days after a massive tanker was filmed smashing into an iconic waterfront mansion.

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