A mother in Indiana faces charges of child neglect after shooting up and overdosing on heroin while inside her truck with her 5-year-old daughter.

Police in Hartford City, Ind., arrested 23-year-old Danielle Jett Saturday after receiving a report of an unconscious woman lying in a vehicle on East McCulloch Boulevard and North Elm Street. Responding officers, who noticed a young child sitting in the backseat, attempted to wake Jett up by banging on the windows, but were unable to get a response until opening up the unlocked door, reports CBS 4.

After administering a dose of the opioid overdose reversal drug Narcan to stabilize Jett, she admitted to police she used a syringe to inject heroin while sitting in her truck with her 5-year-old daughter present.

Authorities initially called the Indiana Department of Child Services, but subsequently allowed a man Jett said the girl calls “dad” take custody of the child.

Indiana is being battered by the opioid epidemic, which continues to push users towards street drugs like heroin and fentanyl. Police arrested a mother and father in Indiana on March 9 after the parents suffered heroin overdoses in their SUV with their three children inside.

An unidentified driver, who told police the SUV was sitting in the middle of the roadway, discovered the family. First responders administered overdose reversal drug Narcan to the couple before taking them to a local hospital for treatment.

“They will do almost anything to get that fix whether or not they place another person or a child in danger,” said Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby, according to WGN 9.

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death for Americans under age 50, killing more than 64,000 people in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse released on Sept. 7 paints a grim outlook for the future of the drug crisis ravaging American communities.

The study predicts Americas addiction epidemic will continue to deteriorate, pushing drug deaths to an estimated 71,600 in 2017. If the estimates prove accurate, 2017 will be the second year in a row drug deaths surpass U.S. casualties in the Vietnam War.

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