So what you're single on Valentine's Day.

There's plenty to watch to keep you entertained on the annual holiday dedicated to romance. YouTube, specifically, has become not just a video-sharing platform to share silly cat videos, but quality programming that's perfect to binge-watch.

From panel-style talk shows to romantic comedies, YouTube provides quality content no matter what you're in the mood for.

Here's our favorites:

This might be the most romantic series on YouTube ever. "First," written and starring Jahmela Biggs opposite Will Catlett, is a favorite. It centers on two life-long friends who discover that they're actually in love with each other. Oh, but that realization doesn't come easy, which makes "First" a fun binge.

What happens when you marry right after high school then decide you want to split from your husband? Oh, by the way, you're still in your 20s. Find out in "Southern Comfort," a new hilarious web series, created by New York City-based comedian Malorie Cunningham. The series is centered on two women who do just that to the disdain of their small, southern community. It premieres on Valentine's Day.

Meet "The Grapevine," a panel-style talk show created by Nigerian-American producer Ashley Akunna, that tackles topics you'd dare to debate about. From discussing current events to topics such as, "Are Men Intimidated By Successful Women?" this web series goes there, debating both sides of the argument. With over 46,000 subscribers, it seems like everyone wants to know what the rotating panelists think.

It's hard enough being a young starlet in Hollywood. But "My Gimpy Life" details what's it like to be young, hungry for onscreen work and looking for love. And as creator Teal Sherer noted in the Season 1 trailer, "You probably notice I use a wheelchair." This award-winning online series now has two seasons to binge.

This 2012 web series starts off, in Episode 1, with viewers being introduced to a couple on Valentine's Day. Throughout the dramedy series, "The Couple" tackles many of the aspects of relationships that are so painfully funny. From trying to choose what to eat, to forcing your partner to compliment you, "The Couple," created by Jeanine Daniels, Dennis Dortch, and Numa Perrier, is just pure funny — even years later.

Make sure you click on the English subtitles before you watch this binge-worthy web series filmed in India. "Permanent Roomates" centers on one long-distance couple who find themselves suddenly thinking about marriage. Created by Indian filmmaker Biswapati Sarkar, this comedy series has two seasons for you to binge-watch. And good news: A third season is coming this year.

Guys worry about relationships too. And in "I Hate Being Single," we see what's it like after a Brooklyn guy finds himself begrudgingly single, again. The episodes are at most six minutes long, so it's super easy to binge-watch this series, created by Rob Michael Hugel, on Valentine's Day.

After three seasons of "Tough Love," this Emmy Award-nominated web series created by Roni and Caleb Davis, has amassed a cult-like following with more than 36,000 subscribers on YouTube. "Tough Love" centers on friends living and dating in New York City. The third season tackles dating subjects like Groupon dates, the struggles of living together and even depression after losing a parent.

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